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About us

Founded and invented in July 1998 by Byron Young in Gainesville, FL.

Byron's founding story:

CordaRoy’s patented foam-filled Sleepers were first made in a garage during my college years. Back then there was no "bed inside". It wasn't until we had a need for the bed that it appeared. The CordaRoy's Sleeper is an idea that was truly born out of necessity. Being short on beds one night I informed my guests that there was a "giant square thing in that beanbag" if they wanted to sleep on it rather than the sofa. They did, and the next morning they were raving about how great it was. That was the moment that I realized we had something special and began transforming the inner liners or "big square things" into actual beds. Next came the PATENT!

Today we continue to make the products better and better every year. We truly strive to make products that we can be proud of and that will far surpass your investment.

Besides the cushiness of the product and the quality materials used to make them, our company sets itself apart in another way, too. Our standalone customer service.

CordaRoy’s, a garage start-up for founder Byron Young, truly believes that customers come first and insists on top-notch customer service. These beds come with much more than a bed inside – they also come with peace of mind that you didn’t waste your hard-earned money.

“We strive to help our customers understand exactly what they’re getting and feel good about their purchase. We go above and beyond our customers’ expectations – and that, more than anything, sets us apart from our competitors. in.

We're here for you. Have peace of mind.

We take our products and warranty very seriously and honor the warranty should you have a problem with our products. We like to compare our warranty with that of Sears Craftsman tools – “the products aren’t extravagant, but they are well-made and we stand behind them for life. in. Our guarantee is Comfort For Life.

We have a lifetime product and craftsmanship counts. Let’s grow old together. When you buy a CordaRoy’s product, you’re getting something that lasts. We don’t believe in disposable beanbags. It feels good to hear from our customers who still enjoy their CordaRoy’s Comfort, fifteen years later! ...and still loving it.